About fió

What is it?

fió is a simple version of the board game Othello in which players play pieces of their colour and capture the other players pieces by creating lines between their own pieces.

How does it work?

fió uses HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to create and display an interactive game board. It also uses Jquery, Jquery UI, Color picker and formatDate.

Why make it?

The initial version was made in 2 days while on holiday in Wales, since then it has been slowly update and built upon.

Who made it?

Me, that is to say Jacob Allen. I'm an student in the UK, currently studying IT and Mathematics.

What browsers does fió support?

fió does not support all browsers as not all browsers support HTML5 and CSS3.

It is known to work with:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari (It runs slowly)
  • Opera (Saving does not work)
  • Internet Explorer (Saving and animations do not work)

Can I do anything?
Now with more than 1700 lines of code!
That's more than 60KBs of data! It's...
fió v0.18 (Now with Web Workers!)

Your opponent can do nothing, and has passed their turn.

There are possible moves, so... just keep going!

There are no possible moves, the only thing you can do is pass your turn.

Debug text, should never be seen.

Are you sure you want to restart?

A saved game has been detected, do you want to resume it?