XC Translator (It's More of a Transliterator, shhh...)

This page (or rather the previous page) is a translator for a language (it's not really a language more of a fancy-font-kinda-thing) which I made up (there may have been some inspiration from sources, mess around and you might find it). The language/fancy-font-thing, or XC as I will call it from now on, is based on binary, with 8 lines positioned around a centre representing bits of an 8 bit number. A full Character can be seen to the right. By changing which lines are drawn the binary number represented changes and the digit changes, as simple as that (actually there's some stuff about order of lines and fancy patterns are whatever, but let's ignore that).

Once the characters have been worked out they are rendered using some basic html. Each character is made up of several html elements with styling which means that it renders properly. Each digit can be decoded to a number and then that number can be converted back (though that's left as an exercise to the reader, go on it's not that hard).

I hope you have fun messing around with it, and if you do use it, make sure to mention my name! Thanks!

Jacob Allen

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