Jacob Allen

Hi I'm Jacob,

A black and white picture of JacobI've been messing around with computers since I was about 12 or 13 and, since I was home educated, I got to spend a lot of my time working with them and learning all about them. I started getting more interested in computers when I started a Minecraft server with a friend. After learning how to set up and configure the server I looked more into programming and haven't stopped learning about it since.

I studied for a MEng in Computer Science with a Year in Industry at the University of York. While there I was also Webmaster of Goodricke College, chair of the Hacksoc York committee, and a regular UCAS/Open Day Guide/Presenter.

On my year in industry I worked for ETAS in their York office which specialises in embedded automotive software and code generators for embedded software. While there I worked on the RTA-BSW product which generates most of the services layer and the ECU abstraction layer of an AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) system.

I now work at ETAS York, as Scrum Master for the Classic AUTOSAR Packaging team. I've also worked as an (Embedded) Software Engineer specialising in:

I also take part in STEM outreach and student recruitment at work.

I used to work a lot with web technologies but now focus more on embedded systems and workflow/process automation. Virtual machines and code generation are also great interests of mine.

If I'm not programming you'll find me reading, baking, or playing the piano.